Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lirik Melody Maker - Palestina

Lirik Lagu "Palestina" - Melody Maker

For a thousand centuries we had a fight
For our land and our right
We never retreat,this is our jihad
We live in the land of sacred
Where zionist tried to seized
Their greed has blinded
To kill our families

We live together with endless vision of the war
Everyday we must dealing with our blood
Losing our grip but we must protect our love
Dreaming of peace the only praying to Allah

The Gaza strip is a battlefield
Suck and ripped many soul we strife
We pray all day “in the name of God”
Sometime we lost our way and always losing
“our faith but we believe”
That God is in our soul.....

Video: Melody Maker - Palestina

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