Friday, December 22, 2017

Lirik rebelsuns. - Portland

Lyrics for 'Portland' by rebelsuns.

Are you thinking of me over the distance?
Or should i find myself relying the substance
Cause i don’t think, i’ll be more aware to
where this goes, where this goes.

We complicate the things, a sense of fulfillment.
Acting dumb cause it’s what makes us so different.
Oh i, can’t find the answers in the dark alone.
Or are you alone?

We’re both not so different, keep it transparent.
We’ll sought it out so no one will find us.

If I could wait another day
Will that mean much
To see if you’re willing to stay?

Come clean if that means
It’s alright, alright?

Safe to say, we’ll mend the days
Lost and founds, find ourselves in the soft sounds.
if that means
It’s alright, right?

Breathe it in, just to keep us dysfunctional.
We’re holding strings to see who’s more delusional.
You’ll lead me on to the edge of my seat
As i’m hanging on to every word to make ends meet.

Expanding options (as we run out of things to say)
LED screens, with small talks just to display
Conveying scenes that could fuck my whole day up
And sinking feelings, would this be enough?

What would it take?
To make this into a reality, cuz i’m over the distance
With you and me.
What would you have to say?

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