Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lirik Write The Future - Can't Compete

Lyrics for 'Can't Compete' by Write The Future

I caught in beetwen my tongue and teeth
Got much to say
Your words were always nice and sweet
I can't compete
You see that people moving
Though i'm always there
I do feel this place's moving
Though every corner looks the same to me

Said you never up if you never fall
But for me it took forever

When i get home again
I better feel just whole again
Too many years well spent for credits
No one would ever bought it
I'm pulling myself back, again
Until i feel complete and laid to rest
While the city's never sleeping

I caught in beetwen my tongue and teeth
Got much to say
F*ck that argument
You can't mend what have been bent

It's all gone, it's all gone now

I will always stay true
When my mind's got too honest
But i won't always stay the same
When my heart is against you

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