Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lirik Write The Future - Constant

Lyrics for 'Constant' by Write The Future

Constantly changing
What i want and what i need
Everytime i took a step reminds me
Of all things i left behind

Save me from going against my will
Chasing down something that is not real
Going places out of reach
Over and over

If i have the guts i'll get through this alone
(I didn't even ask for it)
If i still have luck i'll do this on my own
(The only choices left for me)

Constantly fading
Every pages i wrote down
Each and every line i wrote
Leave stains on the back of my hand
Constantly hanging
On every words i think i've said
Everyone i thought i have by my side
They are now choosing side

I can't believe i asked for this
To have me living on the edge
The time is there i'm well aware
And now i'm choosing side


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