Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lirik Write The Future - Relieve

Lyrics for 'Relieve' by Write The Future

Wake up covered in sweats
Took so much my face turns red
I hope you see what i can see
Of what a person i am and wanna be
And i just laughed covering anxiety
Compliment won't amaze me
I'm already broken and jaded
Starting to fade away

You don't see me talking too much
Too much to say, but i got too much to say
You don't know how i'll be okay
I'm struggling
I got my face well-covered in the dark

I wish that i could see right through you
To understanding what you have been through
But you know i'm nothing special
I often get too sentimental
Same old phases, same old face
It's safe to say that you're aware
But you don't try to even care about me
Acknowledge and walked away

Circling the drain again
I took my chances wrong again
And learned about the consequences
Longing for that second chances
Trying to get back up again
I can't pretend
I can't pretend that i am fine no i can't

Painting colours on the wall that i supposed
To each it's own is what we seem to don't recall
You lay your fingers on my back and i'm impressed
Although you've done so much harm

I do believe that what you give
Will always what you get
I know it's true, but it won't happen to you
I do believe what goes around
Will comes around in the end
I know it's true but it won't happen to you

It's easy to follow the current i'm in
I might get to shore without giving in
It's easy to agree with words you're giving
But my heart keeps telling me to
Question anything

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