Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lirik Useless Rebels - Imagine

Lyrics for 'Imagine' by Useless Rebels

When you are alone and feel like dead. Try recall yourself.
As you walk and get lose like a blind. Try recall yourself.
When you hard to breathe
If you cross the wave those make you fall again.
So here i will be the fire
To ignite your emptiness.

Why you want to falling drowning in the sadness.
This tell me what
That makes you feel afraid.
Not always you want you can get to easily.
But to always get what you need.
Go and get away from the darkness in you.
To be the light cause stars always shine in the darkness.

As long as you left that all the test you've gone and let go of the past. Let go of the past!
Improved for better live.
Improved for the future.
And so we will never fell this fucking sadness.
Imagine that we stop forward from this point.
There is no rules
There is no mercy.
F*ck all those think that makes you stop
Burn them fucki'n away

It's time to fight and rise up
Get ready for a brand of new live

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