Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lirik Radlads - Damned Romance

Lyrics for 'Damned Romance' by Radlads

I don't think that I should
Try to explain more
I'm pure a lover
I fell
I hit my head
And I'm stupid now

And don't say that I'm not
Because dear, that's all the truth
You've been too drunk to care
And the bass drop has eat all of your soul

I've wasted all my time on trying bunch of ways to understand the glimmerry of night club's light that has taking you away

Don't go away it's all that you said
Just when you're about to pass out
Alcohol lips
Smokey nose breath
Oh why I have you just everytime you're drunk or far worst hangover?

I'm so miserable, can you not see that?
And the truth that I've made you my very own cult is pathetic
But I put all that facts, asides anyway
Guess it was just the Almightiness of your curse over me
But it's fading away now

Count to three
I'll step out
Trying to think clearly
On top of all that things
Hope I'll finally got the nerve
Gather guts
To love myself
To letting go
This damned romance

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