Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Lirik The Moses Purposes - Something Wrong

Lyrics for 'Something Wrong' by The Moses Purposes

tell me something wrong and say it loud, don't you be a liar, lie to me
in this broken hope, i still hopeless, i can't hold this anymore, will you realize it

i’ve told you don't come back again
you just a bitch from hell with fuckin disgrace
and you come to bring me the darkness
this is lifeless hell, stay back outside

i feel insane, there is nothing left and we should moving forward
i stay awake, then just believe yourself, believe your destiny

you think i’ll surrender, because i know you'll never make it
you think that you’re the best, just let go away
may this way so broken and i never find a fuckin reason

here we go to the madness, i can say something but i won't
let this nightmare begin until the end, you need to shut the way off
for one more time, you think you know everything, lose

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