Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lirik Billy Simpson - Be My Wife

Lyrics for 'Be My Wife' by Billy Simpson

Verse 1:
When I make mistakes
You have what it takes to speak to me so I can change
And be a better man

When it feels too much
All you do is touch me on my back where you know well
Will calm me down inside

Though I know few are your words
But still I feel your love
The way you hold yourself so I can be who I am

I am the one for you
You are the one for me
Cause baby all you do is bring out what is best in me

What was unseen to me
Now I see them with you
You bring balance to my life
So lemme ask if you would be my wife?

Verse 2:
When I’m negative and too sensitive
You help me open up my eyes to see what's beautiful
Babe you never lie
Even if sometimes it’s very hard to tell the truth
You’ll find a way somehow

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