Monday, July 23, 2018


Lyrics for 'METAMORPH' by IXIA

Day after day that i’ve been trough
Keep walking on my neverending confusion
I face the sun, with scars on my face
The old me has set me to fall, to this nightmare

I can hear these voices inside my head
I can feel these calling within my heart
Now, i can see what i cannot see

I am revive !!

Split my chest, taking out my demon
Purify my perception
Swallowing everything that i know
Stimulate my inner-self to lead the way
Let the light be my guidance

And i choose this way
(To let the old me fading away by time)
Too see a brighter sky
(Releasing my soul to the divine)

my soul to the divine 2x

There’s no place for me to cry
So loud in sickness
For all the pain that torture my soul
I’ll be dead and i’ll be born again
For all the bricks that broken my neck
I’ll be dead and i’ll be born again

An eye for an eye it just make the whole world blind
We’re sinking in the deep ocean
Seeking the light inside ourselves
We’re stuck in bottomless free.. fall

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