Saturday, August 25, 2018

Lirik Supercharger - The Calls

Lyrics for 'The Calls' by Supercharger

Anything everything at a same time.
Let it all staggering and get the fuck up
I dont wanna know what's going on.
All i ever do was just getting wasted.

Livin it up putting it all on a streets.
We fuckin up ur town and we spreading all the seeds.
wait up, hang up, put your fuckin hands up.
my time is now. I'll hit your head straight up.

Are you ready?
Bet you never get ready
Are you steady?
Now, Here we go!

We're pulling away
wait up, hang up, put your fuckin hands up.

*We're all just a kid
And we hate the fact that this world makes us hard to breathe
We're all just a kid
But we will always stay inside ur heartbeat

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