Sunday, September 9, 2018

Lirik Eitherway. - Mono

Lyrics for 'Mono' by Eitherway.

It's way past bedtime and I'm still sitting here
Binge-watching some drama-comedies
It's funny how these actors can draw such potent tales while I can't
It seems so easy for them to put their lives together
Why does life feel so unfair? It's so unreal

And it's already 7 am
Should I really get up from this bed?
Should I cope again with that bunch of spurious masses?
'Cause putting on this fake smile yet again
And appreciating things I shouldn't feel goddamn tiring

Smoking a pack or two and star-gazing on top of the hill
Tryna avoid the busy streets and the other toxic things
It ain't so good to know that I've been doing this for ages
And knowing that my life has been meaningless
(I hope emptiness ain't gonna kill me)

I prefer to be all by myself
'Cause I can't keep these connections
Hiding in plain sight
Pretending to be who I'm truly not

"No one can hear you"
"Nobody cares about you"
The sounds I've been hearing
Inside this empty head

"Ain't nobody gonna love you"
"No one concerns about you"
I'm filled with nothing but worries
Inside this empty head

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