Saturday, September 1, 2018

Lirik VIXVXL - Betrayed ft NVNA

Lyrics for 'Betrayed' by VIXVXL ft NVNA

Nothing's left but a broken dreams.
All this broken pieces that fall apart
There's no turning back now
This is how it ends and i gave up
I hope i'll never ever see your face again
Cause you're nothing but the past
And i won't fallin apart again
I've broken and damaged over and over again
I'm letting go and won't look back like i always do
I'll finally leave it all behind
Everything about you and i
I'll bury them deep down into the ground
"i've waste my time, i lose self respect, and dignity
just to be the person like you want me to be
but fuck it all"
All the broken promises that were made
All the things that left unsaid and all the pain that keep me awake
There's too much thing's i've held inside
That slowly killing me from time to time
But my foot won't stop here, just cause you dissapear
Cause i realize that i'm better off without you

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