Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lirik Grief. - Rust

Lyrics for 'Rust' by Grief.

A mess of doubts - straying to nowhere
Uninspired - apprehensive - haunted by regret
Detach yourself from either side of me so I can carry on
But I always hope that you wind up alone

Flaws have been found in our design, now you left me torn in two minds
As our memories dim, a permanent resentment takes host inside of me
Bury it all underneath and make sure you shred every piece that's left
Set on and laced with guilt, desperate to belong

I am no longer believe that our paths are bound with each other
Bending and moving so easily; you've abandoned those in need
From all the places that I could've been, why I am still here dwelling with the ghost of you?

Rusting from within, there is no remedy for this
Rusting from within, there is no remedy for this

Burn all the bridges to the ground
The mouth of tragedy knows my name too well

As I move through the words you speak, you fail me again
All conscience has been blocked to prevent the same outcome
Set on and laced with guilt, desperate to belong
Cauterize this wound, it remains as an elusive contentment

Lost count of incoherent words to digest, maybe I'm beautiful without a pulse
Cauterize this wound, now I'm set on and laced with guilt, desperate to belong

We are rusting from within

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