Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Lirik Cumbersome In Summer - Slaughterman

Lyrics for 'Slaughterman' by Cumbersome In Summer

ohh.... when the night become the darkness
you cant erase this remark
and i fill this empty, the end of my journey
i am a slaughterman

the floor is full of blood
trapped inside the door and start to kill everyone
you cant begging (you begging ) for your fcking life

you had regret
and you live within
seeking the forgiveness
burn all the emptiness

it's far too late
to return again
breaking the selfishness
burn all the emptiness

you just dont know what it feels like
everything is only passion and black parade
you just dont know what it feels like
how can you leave me behind
and bleeakh

i can feel it inside of me
the bitterness that burden me
What can I do to make you see?
my story has become tragedy
and please take it away from me

the past is the past
while the memory forced by the clash
the clock ticking so fast
fire scattered by god's bless
burns and turns into the ash
every piece of shit until the last

while they begging for their life
the sound of darkness that we borrow
feel the same like an animal
that gone wild inside the jail
my heart stop beating and fail

oh my god... can you hear me
i see a man without his head, he stare at me
then i just walk away, leave that body behind me
my soul is insecure desperate into the sorrow
indeed, good deeds erase bad deeds

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