Sunday, April 28, 2019

Lirik Noose Bound - Paint Me Red

Lyrics for 'Paint Me Red' by Noose Bound

Yes, I'm the one
Who despised in a run
With all the things I've left undone
Life is a bitch, that you and I can't never won
We are born to be gone

"Keep your hopes up high" they said
Then fall to kill me dead?
You say sorry to put a gun into my head
But still you paint me red

Drench me with blood
And let it all flood
Spate between the mud
As my body hit the ground, my rot dropped with a thud

Seek someone to blame
When the fault is my claim
Smear my name with a shame, set my frame with a flame

Fairness seems to be empty
If you dig it down deep, inside of me
Abyss, bottomless pit, where void have met misery
A place where I should be
I've got nothing to hide
Doom is my light to guide

I know, you know
Into death we all go

Surrenderring to sorrow
Now you could bury me six feet below
I let Mors said hello
Our presence are hollow
Into death we all fuckin' go

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