Sunday, May 5, 2019

Lirik Nizcala - Shattered Through My Veins

Lyrics for 'Shattered Through My Veins' by Nizcala

Justify myself oh God
Let the fire burning inside
Still I can’t see from this dark
one cold and bleeding heart

I can’t hear - I’m blind
And barely living
Upon my self I’m lost forever inside

As another live passing by
I’m still holding mine
Even the world so unkind
Just never giving up

Still can’t hear and still blind
And barely living
No matter what
I will keep on walking

Let the minds and all senses
Be broken and shattered through my veins
For every single breath I take
Lead me closer to - my end

Dominating mind
Tainting my self
Now Paralyzing times

My own binding chains of life is there
For me to break
As day of my redemption is coming today

Reff: (Version 2#)
Let all the minds and my senses
Be broken and shattered
Every breath which I’m taking
Leading me closer to my end

Reff: (Version 3#)
Minds and all of my senses are leading
My own breath closer now to its ending
As I’m alive

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