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Lyrics for 'DISEASE' by IXIA

open your mind
people are dying now
it's enough to see
the tears in their eyes
without knowing what it's they're crying for
too deaf to hear, too blind to see
there's no truth behind this separation
it's just a game from the snakes
if you believe in everywird they say
you just look like a fuckin prey

we sepnd our life
watching people genocide perception
other person, bring agony into their life

it's all a lie fold in generously
it's just a game for gold and glory
provoke the lights (provoke the lights)
figth for your right (figth for your right)
that's why we got to set it free

it's all part of the plan, to lose all of our heart
we're lost our sight, they close our eyes
they replace the light inside ourselves
we're lost our sight, they close our eyes
leech in our vein but we never realize

moral refraction, the absence of humanity
we see the world in black and white
marvelous tyrant, paradoxical truth
diversity has crashing down
lead to the death of us!

(all) of us are dying
find the truth yourself
we are not what you want us to be
and notice that, we're drowning

they prevail our money
close our eyes, shape our perception
look what they did
look what they bring to us
release the rage
ignore the boundaries
run away, run away
find the truth beneath

disease, disease
they tried to fuck you up
clear your mind before you die
disease, disease
they tried to fuck you up
save the future for our kind

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