Sunday, June 16, 2019

Lirik Lawrider - Peace

Lyrics for 'Peace' by Lawrider

Here we are again, one bullet's not enough to lead this to the end
I hear them crying screaming Just to heal the pain
Go break this chain or tomorrow just be the same

Gun's under your bed the only thing you know Just blow your fuckin head
You need some more 24 hours that you get?
Just pull the trigger let it send you to your death

Your life was meant to each other
So one Day some peace will discovered

Have you ever thinking why we poor in land of gold
How educators got less money from they are who selling dope
Where's the safest placewbile terrorist still blow our chruch and mosque
Do all servants in this country forget we are the fuckin boss?

Don't ask me ask yourself open your eyes and leave your cave
When you aim but couldn't hit it be greatfull for what you have
Keep chasing what you need instead of chasing what you want
Don't suicide today cause there will be another sun

Go break this chain its not the end
There's a lesson in every pain

And if you have the guts to break it be ready to pay the price
My life is my own gamble I Don't need your fuckin dice
Stop the cry and wipe the tears be someone that wanna hear
Spent time with a good Friends to forget all things that you fear

Life is never be easy  when you Don't Take it easy
Sit and share drink with me cause I'm not you enemy
Lots of thing that you can see, if you use no one prespective
I Don't care what you believe in, Just be good person when you live

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