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Lyrics for 'ANXIETY' by BRADFORD

Everytime i wait for the right
Until i forget rest of my time
I left an old story for the future
And im looking for something hard to find

Something different in my life would bet like a rock in the waves
The Dark side of my life has given a lesson , im not anyone who can help you all the time .

Behind me ..
I have a god ..
Who is omnipotent even though i never knew
where the purpose of my life was .

But my god was always
with me until finally i found..
Something different in my life ,
that was anxiety Between life death.

I gave my self ..
To him my anxiety towards
Him was most fear .
I dont know who you are ..

Im between anxiety .
I hope god with my time
until the end of my time .
Clossing my eyes and not , And finding my own life . .
Im behind anxiety .

Im behind anxiety. I hope my god. With fckn time!

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