Sunday, July 21, 2019

Lirik Day For Uncle Sam - Petrichor

Lyrics for 'Petrichor' by Day For Uncle Sam

Oh jealously being selfish and greedy
Goes with the same story
Now i can say finally
Realize the doubt has done with the old me

Become a bullet proof heart and a bulletproof mind
Learning to crawling and walking with the same pain all the time
I'm holding my tears and fight flame with the fear
Cause i won't bow my head and stand on my ground
Broken and restless Denial rage like fire
Open the curtain of truth now
This time i will facing them

I spill it out all of my weakness and forging it loud
Fusion my faith with desire
To tame my own madness
And ignite my fire trough the darkness
I spill it out

Oh how nostalgic
And it's also feel so pathetic
How nasty but it's also feels so dramatic
Forced to push my own limit till i bleed
Cause i'm just a kid who try to be meek

Now i dare you
To using the poison that you used to spit on my face
Cause i like to see you try
To strip my dignity and sink me into  your menace

Mary mary Can you see
I fall in love with the tragedy
But now,how am i supposed to be
Should i make a run or make my own golden city

can you hear me i'm evolving 3x
Should i make a run or make my own golden city

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