Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lirik Lindo Habie - Thunderstruck

Lyrics for 'Thunderstruck' by Lindo Habie

Too immersed in my ambition
In science searching solution
Your birthday's not in my vision
"I'm sorry but I'm in this mission"

Sky's so dark greatly, heavy storms lately
Serum's not complete, I felt so incomplete
I said, "Wait baby, won't be long, maybe
Everything will be alright this time"

But you left me there and gone without a goodbye
I felt I was the bad guy
That night, the thunder just struck, crushing like a truck
I felt I was thunderstruck

I woke up in a place so strange
Then a king gave his hand, helped me stand
There was something different in me
It's changing, then I said, "What's wrong with me?"

Run like blazing wind, they will never win
Typhoon made me stronger but I ain't monster
Powers in my fist, lightning's at my wrist
Everything won't be the same this time

Yeah now, I realize the law is what they deny
I feel I am the right guy
To fight with these gifts and luck, even I'm a buck
And they feel the thunderstruck

People call me superhero
Brave one, rising from zero
They trust me, a living justice
I'm Gundala, at your service

Yeah now, I realize the law is what they deny
I feel I am the right guy
Yeah now, powers in my fist, they will never win
Light comes from the dark, beware of thunderstruck

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