Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lirik Mesias - No Mercy

Lyrics for 'No Mercy' by Mesias

“one day, When people worship the wrong gods”
You all know your consequnce, you try to hide its all the same
diamond  on the desert can’t save your troath from thirsty
Then you remember
EVERYTHING you do doesn’t fell f right!
The pieces of yours throw to the wild, and let the world Drink your sweety bloods
Let him burn! Let him burn! I said let him burn!
every night you fell sarcafice of nothing And you try to escape  ran away from pain,
all that left of you are memories,
you can’t be forgiven,
You need to fix yourself in f hell
And now you just have one last breath, waste your time and wait for the light
Let him burn! Let him burn! I said let him fucking burn!
Instantly bring you to
Open flame and
Uni earth to the grave
Now what your standing for?
You hold your hand and pray for nothing
You fell your hand is slowly fade away
My lord
Forgive me
I’m lost
If you will shine like a sun, you need to burn yourself
I see the gate way of sins, exposed for every evil souls

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