Saturday, August 3, 2019

Lirik Mirrorclipse - In Real

Lyrics for 'In Real' by Mirrorclipse

The only think here's me.
And no one can blame me anymore.
Each day I make a choice
The day that you can get out
And I'm digging this for my whole time
Cause there's no one can help me

Cause I'm sick of the burden that I carried by my own

Breath in, as it starts looking at myself
I'm fade away, day by day
Your curious desire, fuels my courageous fire

This Burden is too much heavy
Till I can't carry any more
Cause you won't feel what I felt
So, I suggest moving away from my path
Don't be a fucking walls
Or I will break you to half and I really meant it

I will rise as something
I'll never meant be nothing
what i have been through

The world is never getting to stop
And I'm truly never getting back again
The time was concerned about anything life
And I'd hope all different from my past

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