Sunday, September 1, 2019

Lirik Lamebrain - Legless Beggar

Lyrics for 'Legless Beggar' by Lamebrain

A story about a fair king in distress, who seeks for answers about how to make humanity being able to restore its harmony in living a life under his kingdom. The king tries to look into the past by doing the time traveling in order to obtain the secret of the universe, long before humans even existed.

On the other hand, one helpless and the disabled beggar who lives in an alley near the kingdom saw the king walked past through him into the dark alley without noticing that he was lying helplessly there on the floor. The king starts to whispers some mantra and a magical portal starts to appear. The portal then swallows the king, and accidentally it also swallows the legless beggar. And the beggar starts to be the one and only living witnesses of the king’s journey toward the ultimate answer for the revival of humanity’s living in harmony.

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