Sunday, October 6, 2019

Lirik Outrage - Monsters

Lyrics for 'Monsters' by Outrage

Can’t live in yesterday

Back again, back to the start
Stood the test of time stay true to the heart
I take the fall every chance I’m given
Back on my feet now the future is within my vision

I found faith in blind truth
I found comfort in the days of our youth
No fear, no pain
I feel it now within my veins
Break these chains

I was once too young
Too scared to step out
Now I have nothing to lose
Step out into the light

How can you run away
From the monsters in your
Mind your step, breakaway
Take back control of the
Life you live only chance
Make the most of your
time is up, Step ahead
Time to face another day

Rise up from the shadows
You have the strength deep inside
Rise up or die in shadows
The choices are in your hands

Take back
We come face to face with the monsters in our minds
Your life
We come face to face with the monsters in our minds
Walk on
We come face to face with the monsters in our minds

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