Sunday, October 6, 2019

Lirik THE COMING BACKS - It Remains The Same

Lyrics for 'It Remains The Same' by THE COMING BACKS

Burn down your own bucks
Your sphere is covered by black masses
Deafened by sound of misery
Inhumanity lies ahead, gnawing our existence
Will joy ever come down to us?

Mutant kills the enviroment
Controlling our past, to control our future
Wrong education kills our creation
Corruption, corrosion, it's new brand for our nation

Resistance, racism, our new idealism
New disease that can't be cured
Maybe it's just an empty aspiration
Or it's a way to express the paranoia

All it was the same
The doctor was a lie, the government was a lie
So do the religion and other side of your beliefs

Poverty, property, all about the money
Investing, infesting, all about the laundering
Treating, threatening, all we've got just rejection
And then, how the dark ages will end?

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