Sunday, November 10, 2019



I see above the sky looking for the answer of our illusion
We’re trap inside of our illusion

Desperately, searching for the reason why we’re exist
To live a life that we're never choose to live
They teach us just to be a slave
To be a servant of our modern disgusting desire

It's like a death march
Lead us to our very end
Your right and wrong
are the same to me

Remove all the blindfold
in our eyes
Cause we have something
they cannot take from us

Rise and awake from the emptiness in life
They try to repressed our consciousness

Realize that we live as one

Tonight we unite
Walk together as as we survive
Walk together as one

Go to hell if you try to make us weak
We hold the key of our future reality
Go to hell if you try to make us weak
We hold the key of our future reality

We walk the life as the ocean
Rumble through the storm
To get a new resurrection
Rebuild our own home

We light the way as a torch
Breath beneath the dark
To be our better self tonight
Beat the consequence!

Only the strong win the price
If we’re devided we’ll never found solution
Foreshadowed our journey
Be the beast of the world full of shit

We are unividuals!
(We stand together to break all our illusion)
We are unividuals!
(We walk together as we live as one)


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