Saturday, November 16, 2019

Lirik Tuan Tigabelas - Section 8

Lyrics for 'Section 8' by Tuan Tigabelas

1 may
Swear god its a good day
Im just stayin home today
Watch my daughter play yeah along the day

My friend from a far away
Call me how are you today
I said yoo whats up
Im good where youve been
He said
Can we meet
Now,hes on the way

You know im type of guy
Who always down for my man,homie
You know im type of guy
Who always got love for you homie
You know im type of guy who always got your back
No matter what it takes
Yo man matterfact
I be there for you even good or bad

When i open up my door
And i see you
But u bring the 5.0 with you
They say hands up dont move,or we shoot
Nobody gonna save you,ahh
You set me up, yoo why the fuck homie you set me up
My wife cryin in the corner
Because these pigs beat me up

Set me up
Set me up
They set me up
That motherfucker try to set me up

Take me down take me down
Take me down on section 8
They set me up
Set me up
Set me up on section 8

They keep beat me up
Till i blackout
Do it again till i passed out
I scream let me out
But they hit me up
They push me to ground and they tased me up

They said spit the names
Mention them
We can help you out dont you understand
Just let us know,call your friend
Do it as we said ,just play the game
Where you get the stuff from
Tell me man and you can safe your fuckin lifes on
We put you in jail
You not gonna see your daughters and wife for quite long
I said fuck yall
Hell no
Im not gonna dealin with the five o
Fuck the popo
Let me go go
Every second here really got me loco

Rather die than be a fuckin snitch
All you popo yall guys make me sick
Section 8 place full of shit
Yes you all can suck my dick

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