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Lirik eleventwelfth - self-reflecting room

Lyrics for 'self-reflecting room' by eleventwelfth

in a self-reflecting room,
i’ll let you tear up all the sky,
i’ll let you swim across the ocean if it’ll make you satisfied.
in a pitch black darkened room,
i’ve let my vanity recite,
i’ve let my dignity sleeps underneath this circulating lies.

i never climb the mountain top because i’m still scared to see,
the scenery that holds me back to feel the air that i should breathe.
and it wouldn’t let me know,
why did i begin to fall?
as i keep falling, i keep on falling, i’m falling faster than before.

in a self-reflecting room,
i’ll let you tear up all the sky in this perfect weather.
it’s taking up my time, but it helped me realize.
the breeze along this atmosphere starts to falter in disguise.
until i float with my own way, until my lungs are then filled with air,
until the clouds reverse the phrase then i’ll belong in my own place.

you saved yourself and now you’ve finally seen the lights,
and now you’ve finally found a reason to let you stay awake at night.
while i’m still hiding here denying fear that surrounds me all this time,
i guess i’ll never know what could bring me back to this world i left behind?

i’ve been trying to cross the river but the water kept me still,
imprisons me with all this wavering thoughts of mine i shall reveal.
where should i go? why should i know?
how do i rectify my endless cry if i couldn’t let things go?

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