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Lirik Eden Adversary - Blood Aversion

Lyrics for 'Blood Aversion' by Eden Adversary

Mankind drown in darkness
Inherit war of the old
Blinded by hate and fear
Eternal Blood Aversion

Divide, the pure and the filth
Intolerance in the hearts of man
Abide, the voice of the fallen
Forcing malice to their minds

Lay out thy sword, lay out thy banner
As we march to the promised lands
Conquer and raze to the ground
Seek redemption by murder and rape
Burn the child and burn the people
Slaughter in the name of god

Have god abandon us?
Have god forsaken us?

Mankind drown in darkness
Inherit war of the old
Blinded by hate and fear
Everlasting, Blood Aversion

Separate the white and black
Discriminate as a race of slaves
Forced to breed and forced to obey
Erase all rights to live

As they bleed, suffer injustice
Hatred take roots on their hearts
Vengeance will come as a price
To the centuries of war

Even time has passed
We'll see the hate still aflame
Mislead by the tales we heard
Misguided by the ones we believed
Thy faith was never to blame
Malice, fear, and greed
Wicked minds of man
Corrupt the world

Blood Aversion 4x

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