Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Lirik Octopus - End Pollution

Lyrics for 'End Pollution' by Octopus

There is no room back
For us it can be like before
Become a chain
Maintain a balance
Loss of desire to live

We are in the line of extinction
There is a lie behind the truth
Some people are busy with their phones
Attract interesting for the sake of glory

For the smoke that flies
You plant destruction for the world
Soul falls
Nature does not become green
Now plastic becomes the sea for us


Only a few people understand
And the rest never understood
Tears and pain has become an inseparable part

We need volunteers
More effective if it's on your side
we are victims
surrender to power

Is there a hero who can help?
During this time we can only hide with fear
There is nothing and not much we can do
Even for a king, he cannot

Is not this ours together
As God has determined
Pain that cannot be ignored
Do we live in hell?
Please eliminate plastic pollution
The world is unable to grasp.

this isn’t theater or movie that we can enjoy quietly
they just want to fly
littering the face with waste
will only cause disaster

damaging isn’t a teaching
contradiction doesn’t solve pollution
not about fighting but about unity
it's also not about how long it can decompose

"Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta"

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