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Lirik Reality Club - 2112

Lyrics for '2112' by Reality Club

I'll fully comprehend why the 21st of December
Rings heavy on my battle-worn heart
But who are we kidding?
Nobody's winning
In this tale of past and future love

They were just 20
Show us the money
A smoke show picturesque affair
It started as all things do
A simple hello turned to
Romantic visions far away

They were too clever
For it to be never
As they sunk into each other's arms

And this is the part
Where our whole lives collide
The stars themselves fell
Like we did that night
Though it felt like the universe knew
A pack of friends who couldn't hold their laughter
They chose to be painfully obvious in front of us
Slightly unaware or in denial of the dangers ahead
We thrust our weary hearts into each other's arms
Content and comfortable
For years to come

They felt it right and true
Blessings and kisses
As they thought it was the universe's wishes
And though they could feel it then
It's not how they want to end
So they turn their heads away
As if they were to say goodbye

But clocks keep on ticking
And life keeps on going
To leave the pair behind at last

She said to me
And I said to her
To hold back each other's true fate
Is not of our nature
Let's be mature
Maybe you weren't made for me
Nor I for you
But I'd be damn lying
If I think that that's true

We were young and we were old
Life was warm then life was cold
It gets harder, yes you'll see
But were we ever meant to be?

We were young and we were old
Life was warm then life was cold
It gets harder, yes you'll see
But were we ever meant to?

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