Sunday, February 2, 2020

Lirik Ancient - Razor Sharp Beyond The Nile

Lyrics for 'Razor Sharp Beyond The Nile' by Ancient

Ruthless executioner,
Cold blooded wickedness murdering in silence
In blood they must pay,
Obey, satisfy the Master’s command

Dark figure from beyond ,lurks in disguise,
Patiently awaits for the night
An urge to kill with endless shock
A thousand stabs, one brutal attempt
Sword is shining , blood stains clearly appears
Razor rips firstborn in land
Run away escape the horror,
He will kill with no remorse

Tonight is the night to bring the terror ,
As the black at the night unfolds
Only the pain, panic is upon them,
As the blade take its toll

The Prophecy, beyond the river,
He answered the Master’s call
With a shiny cold piece of steel ,
Kill all the firstborn men of the land,
Bow before the Altar of Evil!

Sweeping his prey ,
Walks through the valley of doom
You’ll feel his presence upon you

See you in hell!

Thousand of deaths, The Ages of darkness & greed
The Master’s wrath, one final order
So let it be done? or so let it be written?
The urge of killing The Chosen One.
Creeping to quietly make a kill ( Razor sharp beyond the Nile )
Ripping through with a forged steel


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