Sunday, February 2, 2020

Lirik Demonic Massacre - Paradogma

Lyrics for 'Paradogma' by Demonic Massacre

The world is fulfilled within the lies
Wrapped with a rebound from
The prophecies of mortal prophecy

Manipulate the validation of the human mind
Forced to swallow it through

Bore the existence of ghibah
Who makes the human blind
For what that they see the truth

Abused the message of god
Make a case on this Adam land
Resulted in feud, debate, and even rejecting.

See that
See that...
See that what they did on this land
Disfiguring the sanctity of the religion that they profess

Aren't we all connection
Comes from a heavenly form
That has chosen by the god
As the caliph of this earth
Repent your soul
Through a speech from their own mouths.

Contaminated "short thinking"
Doctrine of abused Dogma
Fatal moral "destruction man"
For what they believe in the truth
Look around you
Humans have eaten their own brother's flesh
That have rotted away

O'God, give us guidance
Keep from that people
Who have opposed you
And ruin on this earth
Disfiguring the sanctity of the religion that they profess

We will not follow your speech
And will not believe what you've said
We will ask from the divine
To show us the truth of this world


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