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Lirik Db Mandala - Strange Feelin'

Lyrics for 'Strange Feelin'' by Db Mandala

we no need no savior
human have super powers
i say nothing but the truth
they been tellin' you lie
gettin' more money but youre not happy

fisherman dead while on drugs
i try to be sober
but the death keeps on callin' my name

f all the drama
just wanna live in ma head
with my favorite movies
i draw my own realities
dont f with ma head
i already dead

f politics they just want your money
i told you we're under control
but no one seems to believe
im sorry for this
im just bein' honest
call me dumbledore
i'll teach you how to do magics

i dont know
i dont care
do your shi i'll do mine
not in the same frequency
f your low vibe homie
see the bigger picture
picturing the past
i'm fading
a rolling stone
fly solo
take me to the sky

up and up and up
tryin' to make ma parents proud
i make it loud
i'm just a human bein'
but im more than my body
rescue me
i'll rescue everybody

yin and yang yin and yang
i love you, you love me
let's start a family
tree of life
three eyes
holy trinity
lucifer is human so are we

floating around in the universe
dont know where i belong
just keep the love for my family
my homie and my baby

i got this strange feelin'
i'm so lonely
and for you who listens to this song
nah you're not alone

i got this strange feelin'
stuck in my zone
got no bones
but i still own my soul
never sold your soul
the devil in my ear
told me the end is near
but i can see the light
the door
lying on the floor
still breathing
beatin' my demons
crawlin' till i stand on my feet
i'm not finished
this is just a part of me
another me in the park
listen to swimmin'
seein' kids playin kites
lookin' at the sky
im not high
but i dream high

no one understands me
i'm not happy
but i got this neon guts
a limitless energy
in my heart
you cant see
cus you wont see

just be you
i'll be me
you're not alone
this 3 dimensional world's an illusion

we are one
we are love
we are higher
colorful aura
a rainbow in the rain
kill the pain kill the pain
watch ya lane

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