Monday, March 23, 2020

Lirik FALL IN AUTUMN - Imperfect Tales

Lyrics for 'Imperfect Tales' by FALL IN AUTUMN

remember the time when we lie down, under the shady tree
you counting a time, cause i have to leave
you don't want this ever end
i give you a vow, i'll back to you
right into your arms

"this township never be my home until you come" she said

i figure out how i can stand here all alone
we counting a time, cause i wanna leave
this place so freaking strange
i give you a vow, that i'll back to you
right into your arms

"this war breaking through my soul and i can die" she said

"sweetheart, i don't wanna be your distraction.

but, this feeling keep forcing me to speak. i really really miss you.

your eyes, your voice, your everything. It stuck in my head now and then.

I always remember you said that you will come back. i always wait for you day and night

even day feels exhausting for me, and night feels so haunted for me.

The season has changed, but I haven't received any letters from you.

I hope you are alright.

I write this letter with all love in my heart.
If you get this letter, please reply

your name will always be in my prayer.
i wanna spent my hole life with you.
Take a great care , sweetheart."

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