Monday, March 23, 2020

Lirik Mournful - Muted Truths

Lyrics for 'Muted Truths' by Mournful

What if every little thought that lives inside your head
Instead of hiding away in there was spoken out, was said?
Would you be embarrassed? Would you hate your mouth?
Would you rather be mute than let the truth come out?

What if every little thing that people thought of you
Instead of being tucked away, was heard, was listened to?
Would you be ashamed? Would you cover your ears?
Would you rather be deaf than let the truth come near?

And what if every image that passes through your thoughts
Was freed from its prison to roam until it rots?
Would you be disgusted? Would you look away?
Would you rather be blind than see your thoughts at play?

What is it that one really needs?
With no one else be depleted
All the seeds, sign of lives
But with greed everything dies

Devoid of true knowledge what is it that I seek?
I see myself so very weak my vision, so blinded
my eyes itself closes that I cannot see

My thoughts, why they never side with me
They followed the down path
Got me fussing over things over all the nothingness
Never mattered to me

The body deteriorates
every day, every second passes

This time who will it be the one to get to decode
The mysteries; the real truths
Which could liberate but to think deeper
What really is
The answer lies very deep within much closer than
Who you really are

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