Monday, March 23, 2020

Lirik Outrage - Higher Powers

Lyrics for 'Higher Powers' by Outrage

We bring it to you rugged and raw
Flip tracks break your jaw
The science I teach you despite the lords and the preachers of war
We detonate bringing down the twin towers
Flowin' so easy as if possessed by certain higher powers
A friendly face with a devilish grin
Demonic cypher separate the mice from the men
You can never quench my thirst for knowledge
Call me Sensei son, you still fresh outta college
Prepare to acknowledge

Raw poems, black magic
Anyone that study my style will die tragic
You just static, background noise
A peasant in the presence in of an angry God's voice
Call the doctor, man on the loose
Sicker than regurgitated period juice
Sicker than a mother selling sex for street crack
Outrage in the building, Romano bring the beat back

You took notes now turn the page
Let the vocals choke you cold
I'm feeling primal .. Outrage

Let's Stream 'Higher Powers' by Outrage

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