Monday, March 23, 2020

Lirik Radlads - A Better Bitter Guy

Lyrics for 'A Better Bitter Guy' by Radlads

There's so many things that I can't just handle with myself
I need your ear If you'll ever be alone
But don't seems so
And you said
"Howcha doing?"
I just nod and said "everything's okay"
'Cause I know
Things have changed

If I can turn back time
I want to fix things and right us
I wonder myself
How can I screw things so bad?
But what has been has been
Your ears ain't exclusive to mine
Oh not anymore

Is slowly crawling in
Spread all over my brain
And I became more like me before you
But you said
"Don't let anything go back to how it was"
And yes to that I'll be a better bitter guy

You're doing fine
Seems like there's no burden of the past in your mind
And you friends said so too
I don't know
Should I be happy ? 'Cause you know that the whole point of my life is to make you happy no matter what
'Cause you're doing well and you got your whole life planned ahead in front of you
You got enough to cover me
Or should I be sad ? Cause you know it breaks my heart bit by bit every time I know that I'm not the only - the one who makes you laugh - Not anymore

I should be happy 'cause I know that you're doing just fine but
I cannot lie I'm scared to death that we'd be strangers
I've never loved myself but being with you and loving you makes me forget how to hate myself
We were something people pray for a lifetime

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