Sunday, March 15, 2020

Lirik The Fox And The Thieves - Manipulator's March

Lyrics for 'Manipulator's March' by The Fox And The Thieves

Living in times when we're dying
When friend or foe were all lying
Can't get the truth with no fighting
Till all the fight becomes nothing

Burn all the wall to end of war
Spread all the fear till no more tear
Take over power of your fear
War will burn faster before your fire

the truth is drowning to the soil
satan slave control the world
like a fuse on judgement day
Marching towards the end of the world

Away from the pureness of human heart
Hatred fill and poured into the earth

The truth! That made the eyes a breeze of wind
For manipulated human soul.
Leading men to disarray and blurriness
Filled with fog and mist
Men who lost in their own justice
Got turned away by their own confusion
There's no more truth!
There's no more truth for human soul

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