Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Lirik Dzulfahmi x Matter Mos - Break it Down

Lyrics for 'Break it Down' by Dzulfahmi x Matter Mos

Verse 1 (Dzulfahmi)
Masak verse bro
Santap groove di bistro
Miso soup dalam komposisi rhyme flow
Masuk disko dengan baju distro
Dansa serupa bboy yang mengidap skizo
Oper gelas passingan Rubio
Sehalus intro musik dari Masego
Lupa soal waktu buang jauh2 seiko
Say go! Tenggak bir bintang kita stay glow
Dzul, kombinasi dengan matter mos
Diatas beat funk jelajah ala Colombus
Menembus langit buang rima dengan space kidz
Sebanyak adlib dalam track judul apeshit
Madlib putar di waktu maghrib, cerna MF saat rima dia backflip
Akrobatik dengan beribu teknik cantik
It's all about the music jadi jangan ambil pusinggg

Verse 2 (Matter Mos)
My city know that i got em cause you can tell when i channel my inner temple they gassin the voice trembles I only fuck with the c note money on my piano my flow is so Michael Jackson you can call it pretty Wacko or pretty flacko potato potato i'm sippin mescatto with the bottle open you stole it you can get a fucking problem

I'm getting started you throwin towel, can't handle liquor you holding
Get you intoxicated, you better be sober

Diggin this sample this fucking beat is example,
I'm capable to handle this shit like riding bycicle
The cooler your inner circle the better that fucking matters
My geng is the fucking illest get money laying in mattres


Mula comin you starting to feel like somthing and spend it on that synthetic tobacco, that shit is funny, and start to blowing that money instead of saving, i'm rapping so that my city is proud of my ambition for that grammy

noticed a lot of hoes called me daddy after AMI
Crazy how jakarta city treates a god body
I'm gandhi aiming for that motherfucking masserati
While they thinking i'm a set up & from illuminati

Miss me with that bullshit
Only thing i use is the motherfucking music
This shit is funky like acid trippin on space and yea i'm chillin with the space kids, mula

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