Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Lirik T.se - Fuck The World

Lyrics for 'Fuck The World' by T.se

Digital payement blessing on the road, 13rupiahs get cigs and i will smoke,
Sabby will choke your hoe all in deep throat, my left accosato get rid will brake em load

Beware, we dont scare
Beware, i aint scare
Beware, we dont scare
Unite! we dont scare!

Do you remember where you get your money from?
I guess you have forgot, where you living and born
You make a deal with god and you've lying on
My pack will cut your heart, and will piss your own

Look up to the sky, theres peoples anger, storming that fires with no limit, and your wifey will burned!
Between the twilight of time, I will blacked out the sun
Southstrip and pack will released the sun from the west and you will be stuned

So spread hatred, to spread the flames, burn my cig get chill with it, watchin your kid fucked out my pig
Ignore their gods, ignite the snakes, eager the sound of holocaust unleashed to spit your fuckin graves

On your believe that you're lied to,
Spoke on microphones that shit, that you have to
Murder dreams on your chair, on you beg to
So Fuck the world bitch, I must to fuck to

Every single time with arrow and guns, flashbomb, catapult, water-barriers, and blind
Negosiate bitch, typical in line
You wrote you forgot bout a lot of all slot bitch
Hear the cries from the restless soul, above the law that blunt on below
So Motherfuckin die, i'll spit it all, spread hatred to your belief, be my slave on

Hear the choir of death has been turn on
Crossing by pass forehead blew, abandoned
13 foreign stakes to drop on their throne
Darkness and death and without return

Sacrifice is just a polite for you belong to
As blue turn black, as black turn red
Desolation mindless locked forever more
Southstrip no thought, southstrip no form
Another lies you speak on to
Give me my mothefuckin Sabby to set me blew
Create still same like another realm,
Begotten son i am forever man

East to west, west to east, sing that song and He will released
Fuck my risk, burn my list, we have to search until we found exist
North to south, south to north, All Hail our Father, morning star, with bliss
Bring the seed, fruit and root, We are here and We need the, truth!

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