Friday, May 22, 2020


Lyrics for 'LIVES' by HUMANIMAL

you gotta make a change
you see the old way
to do what we got to do
to keep survive

i'm still rollin'
wit the role that i like
self-stance as if you'll understand
modern times make it real

never thought to be someone else's thought
forget about the system and let it go
i let the world revolving
as i am evolving more that now

ego ends with conflict, ideology sticks
to negate medic that i remember that it's complex
one logical solution of knowledge when i love myself

safe time! live better!

i gave up to bait as a faith
for more regulation is manipulation
what will be the world without me?
let me be equally cursed and blessed

allowing you to be celebrate
as i flown away with the wind
if time cycle is destiny
don't ever go away from me

safe time! live better!
if you don't believe in destiny
well, fuckin look at me

you gotta make a change
you see the old way
to do what we got to do
to keep survive

garbage trucks bird flew through as i pray
is this also something that you convery?
man, everything's too damn late
treat this as a message for those bithin' as witch

if you don't believe in destiny
well fuckin' look at me
no one knows, only talk shit
including times that spend so many time

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