Sunday, May 17, 2020

Lirik Misanthropy Club - Beckshot

Lyrics for 'Beckshot' by Misanthropy Club

Aye, fuck your shits.
Fed up of your lies, so fake, so sick.
Hiding your decay with mask of light.
Its about time to get your plight!

Getting all of your power
cocksucking from false idol
placing their life as model
followed by you dumb fuckers


I don't need these human skin.
Unleash all the demon within!

Aye, aye, aye, blegh!
Beckshot, beckshot killing all your lies.
Shoot right through the neck for your own demise.
Disembowel your brain this is goodbye.
R-I-H i wish you ROT IN HELL!

Time is mine to stabilize 7x

Time is mine to stabilize 4x
( bLaze: They don't understand the use of wisdom,
they use it to kill us and what we’d become 4x

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