Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lirik LEAVING THE NEMESIS - Hallucinations

Lyrics for 'Hallucinations' by LEAVING THE NEMESIS

Star can't shine without the darkness Be brave to strike back
Step forward and face it like a man And Fist up to the air
Hiding the revenge but fear to act Keep calm, silenced and watch

The chance never come twice, Blood spill for nothing
Animal instinct will taking control, Blood splashing everywhere
Suicide is not the solutions, Never expected what was happened

Heart blinded cause the anger, Feel numb every punched
Emptiness is more painfully, Stressed will killing inside

Sickness in Every part of body, The Times is running slowly
This disease will never be cure, The body and soul feel Cursed

It Feels like a dream story Hallucinations of disease
Trying to break this nightmare But the eyes is not sleepy

Stared around and find nothing There's no one the save place
Look fine outside but broken inside Just hold the breathe to be calm

Don't want to interact the attention, Nobody can't stop this insanity
Frustrated of chaos situations, This world feels cursed at all side

Expectations is hard to be real and Reality will bring on the regret

The whole world reject the kindness and all the people become hopeless

The souls without human corpse, No human right No humanity
Everyday and every century Will Feel like a nightmare that never end

The blood was blend with the sin and bleeding like terrible river
Lifes completely ruined at all The worth memories has lost at all

Addicted with hard violence It's terrible but still interested
can't stop staring on it There's nothing left for living

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