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Lyrics for 'Hisback' by LEAVING THE NEMESIS

Plague spread slowly in blood, Blowing mass of bloods
The knives is sticking my back, Deeply inside until my bone
Your act beyond expectations, No one can see your dark side
Just felt your treacherous, Everything will back on you

You still screaming for help Us and wait for an answer.
You hear small light breaths coming from your brain
Your words felt like hope But poisoned and dangerous
Your darkness side hidden behind Fake shinny light covering you

You think, you're going to be sick. With everything, spinning so fast
You can not breath. Walls closing in and everything, fades away

Never believe with sins, The hell just a fictive story
Godless talking about the heaven, You're the wind of putridity
The devils live in you, A million faces covered your bad
Always exist for hopeless, Shifty exploiting the situation

Hiding your weapons behind, It will be used when you're stucked
Bloods bond just a drama, Acting like a savior as mask
Everything is possible to do, The change is still exist
Everyone have their own way, It's all your to make decisions

Blinding by rituals life Doing everything to live
Your worst life felt like a glory, Never relize everything will kill you back

Fear to drop down to ground, What's goes around come around
One time you will get down from your throne And poorly more than a slaves

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