Sunday, June 14, 2020


Lyrics for 'Useless' by LEAVING THE NEMESIS

This not the Redemption, You 're just a victim of betrayal
They Sacrificing you for a prices, They Confused of the condition

You never know What they thinking about you
You mean nothing They are not like what they look

What did I do? to deserve it
Feels like you die before I come
They just escape when you're stuck

You're in the middle of conflict
The poor man like you
Always be a nonsense jokes
Still under the feet

How can you stand by your own feet

You're still believing liar, You just know it
Blaming everyone, Loser you're still a loser

Something value, Everything has a price
Must commitment, No hesitation Humanity lost

Never find way out, Don't Pay them for what they do to you
Pay them to leave, Was your life worth dying for?

You are free, As long as they control your resources

You are live, But still live as a servant of liar

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