Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lirik Oldtime - Not For You

Lyrics for 'Not For You' by Oldtime

Oh sun so perfect now
Better between everyday
I dont want to remember that
For the people can’t i have

And i start revolution now
With the burger in my hands
Uncle sam he smile to me
Cause he know that i am so sad

Wind blows so heavy now
Try guess who the hell just came
Slowly she approaching me
With a smile upon her face

A new guy by her side
She said hello to me
Oh truthfully I don’t care
I turned to look away


Not for you!

My sun has disappeared today
Cause the devil just appeared
Acting so sweet and kind
It made me hurt inside

Oh I’m so sorry
But you mean nothing to me
Just a loser not worth my time
I really hate to see you



Can you tell me where I am
Can you tell me where I am
Can you tell me where I am
Can you tell me where I am

You’re pincess shaped demon
You tricked me with your words
Acting kind in front of everyone
So you can get everything

You act kind to hide your evil
And you laugh behind your mask
Being fake and acting nice
Your faced is lying scum

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