Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lirik Oldtime - She's Not a Superstar

Lyrics for 'She's Not a Superstar' by Oldtime

She thinks that she is a superstar
If she leaves i will sad and cry
Forgetting you is so easy
Now go away dont ever come back

Ooh so go away....
Even i wake up
I want sleep
I dont want see you

You re not my home
You look good behind your shadow
And your fuckin smile

Oh i trusted you , you made mistakes
Do you wanna come to me
So go away
No coming back
No coming back
It’s just a waste of time
Or make mistake

Ooo i am not alone
I am not your dog
And you are not my last butterfly

You think you’re home?
So let it burn
And let people call me baby

So forget
So forget
So forget

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